Spammers are getting smart!

In which spammers finally realize that OCR has yet to pass the Turing Test.

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I received my first CAPTCHA spam today! It was basically a blank e-mail with an attached JPEG image. The image was altered such that it could not be read by any current optical text recognition (OCR) software. By stochastically altering the modifications to the image for each piece of spam that is sent, no two pieces of spam will look alike. Furthermore, the content is still human-readable, but, as mentioned above, is not yet discernible by any spam filtering software. The content of the image read as follows:

Профессиональные E-mail рассылки!
Тел: (095) 968-76-23
Более 4-х лет на рыенке рекламы!

Basically, they are advertising a professional E-mail distribution service that’s been around for more than 4 years! I find it mildly amusing that they are advertising a phone number rather than an e-mail address or website.

Note: they misspelled “рыенке;” it should really be “рынке.”

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