How to avoid the aCropalypse

It could have been prevented if only Google and Microsoft used our tools!

Tagged: Software Security

Last week, news about CVE-2023-21036, nicknamed the “aCropalypse,” spread across Twitter and other media, and my colleague Henrik Brodin quickly realized that the underlying flaw could be detected by our tool, PolyTracker. Coincidentally, Henrik Brodin, Marek Surovič, and I wrote a paper that describes this class of bugs, defines a novel approach for detecting them, and introduces our implementation and tooling. It will appear at this year’s workshop on Language-Theoretic Security (LangSec) at the IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium.

The remainder of this blog post describes the bug and how it could have been detected or even prevented using our tools.

This is an excerpt from the Trail of Bits blog. You can read the full post here.
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