About This Website

and Evan’s short bio.

This is both the personal and professional website for Evan A. Sultanik. Evan is currently a computer security researcher at Trail of Bits, and occasionally moonlights as an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Drexel University.

Previously, Evan was the Chief Scientist at Digital Operatives. Prior to that, he held the position of senior research scientist at The Johns Hopkins University APL's Research and Exploratory Development Department. Evan earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Drexel University as a research fellow in the Applied Communications and Information Networking (ACIN) institute. He also was a de jure member of the Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory (GICL), the Data Fusion Laboratory (DFL), and the Vision and Cognition Laboratory (VisCog). His Masters Thesis was on Enabling Multi-Agent Coordination in Stochastic Peer-to-Peer Environments and his Ph.D. dissertation was on Automatic Construction, Maintenance, and Optimization of Dynamic Agent Organizations. Evan's Ph.D. advisors were William Regli and Ali Shokoufandeh. Evan's full academic genealogy is available here.

Dr. Sultanik's current research foci include intelligent distributed systems, static taint analysis, robust distributed constraint reasoning with privacy guarantees, secure multiagent optimization, smart contracts, and approximation algorithms.

Aside from when he is writing in a biographical format, Evan does not often refer to himself in the 3rd person.