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I've started using GitHub to host my smaller projects. Check out my page there for a full list. You can track my wider open-source activity on Ohloh:

Ohloh profile for Evan Sultanik


A high performance C++ clone of the popular game 2048, with an ncurses interface and AI gameplaying.

The "-clai" suffix stands for "Command Line Artificial Intelligence."


Lenticrypt is a novel cryptosystem that provides true plausible deniability. It allows a single ciphertext to decrypt to multiple different plaintexts depending on the key that is used to decrypt it. Moreover, there is a theoretical guarantee that with nearly 100% probability there always exists at least one work in the public domain that some key will decrypt to, even if you don't know what that key is. You can read about its origins in this blog post.


A simple cross-platform script for encoding any binary file into a lossless PNG.


Magiic stands for Magiic Allows for GPG Indexing of IMAP on the Command-line. It is a simple ncurses-based command-line application for securely and efficiently performing full-text search over encrypted email. You can read more about it, along with a download link, on the Digital Operatives blog.